Higher Classification: > Kingdom Plantae > Division Tracheophyta > Subdivision Spermatophytina > Class Magnoliopsida > Superorder Asteranae > Order Lamiales > Family Lamiaceae

Stachys L.

Rank: Genus
Taxon Status: accepted

Relationships towards this taxon

Genus group names

Aspasia E. Mey. ex Pfeiff. heterotypic synonym
Betonica L. heterotypic synonym
Bonamya Neck. heterotypic synonym; nom. inval.
Eriostemum Steud. heterotypic synonym
Eriostomum Hoffmanns. & Link heterotypic synonym
Galeopsis Moench heterotypic synonym; nom. illeg.
Galeopsis Hill heterotypic synonym; nom. illeg.
Lamiostachys Krestovsk. heterotypic synonym
Menitskia (Krestovsk.) Krestovsk. heterotypic synonym
Olisia Spach heterotypic synonym
Ortostachys Fourr. heterotypic synonym
Stachyus St.-Lag. heterotypic synonym
Tetrahitum Hoffmanns. & Link heterotypic synonym
Trixago Haller heterotypic synonym
Trixella Fourr. heterotypic synonym
Zietenia Gled. heterotypic synonym


Stachys abchasica (N. P. Popov ex Grossh.) Czerep.
Stachys aegyptiaca Pers.
Stachys albanica Markgr.
Stachys aleurites Boiss. & Heldr.
Stachys alopecuros (L.) Benth.
Stachys alpina L.
Stachys amanica P. H. Davis
Stachys anamurensis Sümbül
Stachys angustifolia M. Bieb.
Stachys anisochila Vis. & Pancic
Stachys annua (L.) L.
Stachys antalyensis Ayasligil & P. H. Davis
Stachys arabica Hornem.
Stachys araxina Kopell.
Stachys arenaria Vahl
Stachys arenariiformis Rouy
Stachys arvensis (L.) L.
Stachys atherocalyx K. Koch
Stachys babunensis Micevski
Stachys balansae Boiss. & Kotschy
Stachys ballotiformis Vatke
Stachys bayburtensis R. Bhattacharjee & Hub.-Mor.
Stachys baytopiorum Kit Tan & Yildiz
Stachys beckeana Dörfl. & Hayek
Stachys bombycina Boiss.
Stachys brachyclada Noë ex Coss.
Stachys brantii Benth.
Stachys burgsdorffioides (Benth.) Boiss.
Stachys buttleri R. R. Mill
Stachys byzantina K. Koch
Stachys candida Bory & Chaub.
Stachys canescens Bory & Chaub.
Stachys carduchorum (R. Bhattacharjee) Rech. f.
Stachys cataonica R. Bhattacharjee & Hub.-Mor.
Stachys chasmosericea Ayasligil & P. H. Davis
Stachys choruhensis Kit Tan & Sorger
Stachys chrysantha Boiss. & Heldr.
Stachys circinata L'Hér.
Stachys citrina Boiss. & Heldr. ex Benth.
Stachys corsica Pers.
Stachys cretica L.
Stachys cydni Kotschy ex Gemici & Leblebici
Stachys discolor Benth.
Stachys distans Benth.
Stachys diversifolia Boiss.
Stachys durandiana Coss.
Stachys duriaei Noë
Stachys ehrenbergii Boiss.
Stachys euadenia P. H. Davis
Stachys euboica Rech. f.
Stachys fominii Sosn. ex Grossh.
Stachys fontqueri Pau
Stachys fruticulosa M. Bieb.
Stachys germanica L.
Stachys glandulifera Post
Stachys glutinosa L.
Stachys graeca Boiss. & Heldr.
Stachys guyoniana Noë ex Batt.
Stachys heraclea All.
Stachys heterodonta Zefir.
Stachys huber-morathii R. Bhattacharjee
Stachys huetii Boiss.
Stachys hydrophila Boiss.
Stachys iberica M. Bieb.
Stachys inanis Hausskn. & Bornm.
Stachys inflata Benth.
Stachys intermedia Aiton
Stachys ionica Halácsy
Stachys iva Griseb.
Stachys kurdica Boiss. & Hohen.
Stachys lavandulifolia Vahl
Stachys leucoglossa Griseb.
Stachys libanotica Benth.
Stachys longiflora Boiss. & Balansa
Stachys longispicata Boiss. & Kotschy
Stachys macrantha (K. Koch) Stearn
Stachys macrostachys (Wender.) Briq.
Stachys macrotricha Rech. f. & Goulimy
Stachys marashica Ilçim, Çenet & Dadandi
Stachys mardinensis (Post) R. R. Mill
Stachys maritima Gouan
Stachys marrubiifolia Viv.
Stachys megalodonta Hausskn. & Bornm. ex P. H. Davis
Stachys melampyroides Hand.-Mazz.
Stachys menthifolia Vis.
Stachys menthoides Kotschy & Boiss.
Stachys mialhesii Noë
Stachys milanii Petrov ex Magnier
Stachys mollissima Willd.
Stachys mouretii Batt. & Pit.
Stachys mucronata Sieber ex Spreng.
Stachys munzurdagensis R. Bhattacharjee
Stachys neurocalycina Boiss.
Stachys nivea Labill.
Stachys obliqua Waldst. & Kit.
Stachys obscura Boiss. & Balansa
Stachys ocymastrum (L.) Briq.
Stachys officinalis (L.) Trevis.
Stachys ossetica (Bornm.) Czerep.
Stachys palaestina L.
Stachys palustris L.
Stachys paneiana Mouterde
Stachys parolinii Vis.
Stachys pauli Grossh.
Stachys persica S. G. Gmel. ex C. A. Mey.
Stachys petrokosmos Rech. f.
Stachys pinardii Boiss.
Stachys pinetorum Boiss. & Balansa
Stachys plumosa Griseb.
Stachys pradica (Zanted.) Greuter & Pignatti
Stachys pseudopinardii R. Bhattacharjee & Hub.-Mor.
Stachys pubescens Ten.
Stachys pumila Banks & Sol.
Stachys ramosissima Montbret & Aucher ex Benth.
Stachys recta L.
Stachys rizeensis R. Bhattacharjee
Stachys rosea (Desf.) Boiss.
Stachys rupestris Montbret & Aucher ex Benth.
Stachys salisii Jord. & Fourr.
Stachys saturejoides Montbret & Aucher ex Benth.
Stachys saxicola Coss. & Balansa
Stachys scardica (Griseb.) Hayek
Stachys schtschegleevii Sosn. ex Grossh.
Stachys serbica Pancic
Stachys sericantha P. H. Davis
Stachys sericophylla Halácsy
Stachys setifera C. A. Mey.
Stachys sivasica Kit Tan & Yildiz
Stachys sosnowskyi Kopell.
Stachys sparsipilosa R. Bhattacharjee & Hub.-Mor.
Stachys spectabiliformis Kapeller
Stachys spectabilis Choisy ex DC.
Stachys speluncarum Contandr. & Quézel
Stachys spinosa L.
Stachys spinulosa Sm.
Stachys spreitzenhoferi Heldr.
Stachys spruneri Boiss.
Stachys subnuda Montbret & Aucher ex Benth.
Stachys swainsonii Benth.
Stachys sylvatica L.
Stachys talyschensis Kapeller
Stachys terekensis Knorring
Stachys tetragona Boiss. & Heldr.
Stachys thirkei K. Koch
Stachys tmolea Boiss.
Stachys tournefortii Poir.
Stachys tundjeliensis Kit Tan & Sorger
Stachys tymphaea Hausskn.
Stachys virgata Bory & Chaub.
Stachys viscosa Montbret & Aucher ex Benth.
Stachys viticina Boiss.
Stachys willemsei Kit Tan & Hedge
Stachys woronowii (Schischk. ex Grossh.) R. R. Mill
Stachys yildirimlii Dinç
Stachys zoharyana Eig

Vernaculars (+) (-)

 English-United States: woundworts sources: Charles Hussey
 Norwegian Bokmål: svinerotslekta
 Norwegian Nynorsk: svinerotslekta
 Swedish: syskor


nomenclatural reference

Nyman], Sp. Pl. 1753.




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