Higher Classification: > Kingdom Animalia > Phylum Mollusca > Class Gastropoda > Subclass Caenogastropoda > Order Littorinimorpha > Superfamily Tonnoidea > Family Tonnidae > Genus Tonna

Tonna galea (Linnaeus, 1758)

Rank: Species
Taxon Status: accepted

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Genus group names

TonnaBrünnich, 1771accepted genus name
Dolium Lamarck, 1801 synonym

Species group names

Buccinum galea Linnaeus, 1758 basionym
Buccinum galea Linnaeus, 1758 synonym
Dolium antillarum Mörch, 1877 synonym
Dolium galea (Linnaeus, 1758) synonym
Dolium galea var. epidermata de Gregorio, 1884 synonym
Dolium galea var. spirintrorsa de Gregorio, 1884 synonym
Dolium galea var. tardina de Gregorio, 1884 synonym
Dolium galeatum Locard, 1886 synonym
Dolium tenue Menke, 1830 synonym

Vernaculars (+) (-)

 Albanian: kërmilli gaviç sources: Dhora, DH. 2008. Fjalor i emrave të kafshëve të Shqipërisë (Emri shkencor – Shqip – Anglisht) / Dictionary of animal names of Albania (Scientific names – Albanian – English). Camaj – Pipa. Shkodër, Albania. pp. 288.
 English: giant tun; tun shell sources: MacDonald & Co (1979). The MacDonald Encyclopedia of Shells. MacDonald & Co. London & Sydney.;Hayward, P.J.; Nelson-Smith, A.; Shields, C. (1996). Collins pocket guide: sea shore of Britain and Europe. Collins pocket guides. Harper-Collins Publishers: London, UK. ISBN 0-00-219955-6. 352 pp.
 French: dólium geant; tonne cannelée
 Greek: Κοχύλα; Μπουχόνα sources: PESI (A Pan-European Species directories Infrastructure) focal points
 Italian: elmo sources: PESI (A Pan-European Species directories Infrastructure) focal points
 Spanish, Castillian: caracol tonel


basis of record

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additional source

Vos, C. (1999) A new Tonna Brünnich, 1772 (Gastropoda: Tonnidae) from Gulf of Aden. Gloria Maris, Vol. 38, (1-6), p. 43-47, pl. 8-9

additional source

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additional source

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additional source

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additional source

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additional source

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additional source

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additional source

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Cernohorsky, W.O. (1972a) Marine Shells of the Pacific. Vol. II. Pacific Publications, Sydney, 411 pp.





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Vos, C.; Gofas, S. (2014). Tonna galea (Linnaeus, 1758). In: Costello, M.J.; Bouchet, P.; Boxshall, G.; Arvantidis, C.; Appeltans, W. (2014) European Register of Marine Species, accessed through PESI at http://www.eu-nomen.eu/portal/taxon.php?GUID=urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:141687




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