Higher Classification: > Kingdom Plantae > Division Tracheophyta > Subdivision Spermatophytina > Class Magnoliopsida > Superorder Rosanae > Order Fabales > Family Fabaceae > Tribe Galegeae

Astragalus L.

Rank: Genus
Taxon Status: accepted


Astragalus agraniotii Boiss.
Astragalus ajubensis Bunge
Astragalus akkensis Coss.
Astragalus aleppicus Boiss.
Astragalus algarbiensis Bunge
Astragalus algerianus E. Sheld.
Astragalus alopecuroides L.
Astragalus alpinus L.
Astragalus angustifolius Lam.
Astragalus ankylotos Fisch. & C. A. Mey.
Astragalus annularis Forssk.
Astragalus apollineus Boiss. & Heldr.
Astragalus aquilanus Anzal.
Astragalus armatus Willd.
Astragalus asterias Steven
Astragalus austroaegaeus Rech. f.
Astragalus autranii Bald.
Astragalus baionensis Loisel.
Astragalus balearicus Chater
Astragalus boeticus L.
Astragalus bombycinus Boiss.
Astragalus bourgaeanus Coss.
Astragalus callichrous Boiss.
Astragalus caprinus L.
Astragalus cavanillesii Podlech
Astragalus clusii Boiss.
Astragalus cretaceus Boiss. & Kotschy
Astragalus cymbicarpos Brot.
Astragalus dactylocarpus Boiss.
Astragalus depressus L.
Astragalus drupaceus Boiss.
Astragalus echinatus Murray
Astragalus edulis Bunge
Astragalus epiglottis L.
Astragalus eremophilus Boiss.
Astragalus falciformis Desf.
Astragalus faurei Maire
Astragalus fialae Degen
Astragalus filiformis (DC.) Poir.
Astragalus flavus Torr. & A. Gray
Astragalus frigidus (L.) A. Gray
Astragalus froedinii Murb.
Astragalus fruticosus Forssk.
Astragalus geniculatus Desf.
Astragalus glacialis Lovrić
Astragalus gladiatus Boiss.
Astragalus glaux L.
Astragalus gombo Bunge
Astragalus gracaninii Micevski
Astragalus graecus Boiss. & Spruner
Astragalus gryphus Bunge
Astragalus hauarensis Boiss.
Astragalus hispanicus Bunge
Astragalus hispidulus DC.
Astragalus hypoglottis L.
Astragalus ibrahimianus Maire
Astragalus idaeus Bunge
Astragalus incanus L.
Astragalus kralikii Batt.
Astragalus lacteus Heldr. & Sartori
Astragalus leontinus Wulfen
Astragalus longidentatus Chater
Astragalus maireanus Greuter & Burdet
Astragalus mareoticus Delile
Astragalus maritimus Moris
Astragalus maroccanus Braun-Blanq. & Maire
Astragalus maurorum Murb.
Astragalus maurus (Humbert & Maire) Pau
Astragalus mayeri Micevski
Astragalus mesatlanticus Andr.
Astragalus mesopterus Griseb.
Astragalus muelleri Steud. & Hochst.
Astragalus nitidiflorus Jiménez Mun. & Pau
Astragalus nummularius Lam.
Astragalus panduratus Bunge
Astragalus pelecinus (L.) Barneby
Astragalus penduliflorus Lam.
Astragalus peregrinus Vahl
Astragalus peterfii Jáv.
Astragalus physocalyx Fisch.
Astragalus pseudohirsutus Nyár.
Astragalus pseudopurpureus Guşul.
Astragalus raphaelis Ferro
Astragalus reesei Maire
Astragalus reinii Ball
Astragalus roemeri Simonk.
Astragalus schimperi Boiss.
Astragalus schizotropis Murb.
Astragalus scorpioides Willd.
Astragalus sempervirens Lam.
Astragalus sericophyllus Griseb.
Astragalus sesameus L.
Astragalus sieberi DC.
Astragalus siliquosus Boiss.
Astragalus sirinicus Ten.
Astragalus solandri Lowe
Astragalus spinosus (Forssk.) Muschl.
Astragalus spruneri Boiss.
Astragalus stella L.
Astragalus suberosus Banks & Sol.
Astragalus tachdirtensis Andr.
Astragalus tarchankuticus Boriss.
Astragalus terracianoi Vals.
Astragalus thermensis Vals.
Astragalus tragacantha L.
Astragalus tremolsianus Pau
Astragalus trigonus DC.
Astragalus trimestris L.
Astragalus turolensis Pau
Astragalus verrucosus Moris
Astragalus vesicarius L.
Astragalus vogelii (Webb) Bornm.
Astragalus wilmottianus Stoj.
Astragalus xiphidium Bunge
Astragalus sect. Acanthophace
Astragalus sect. Acidodes
Astragalus sect. Acmothrix
Astragalus sect. Alopecuroidei
Astragalus sect. Ammodendron
Astragalus sect. Ankylotus
Astragalus sect. Astragalus
Astragalus sect. Bucerates
Astragalus sect. Caprini
Astragalus sect. Cenantrum
Astragalus sect. Chlorosphaerus
Astragalus sect. Chronopus
Astragalus sect. Craccina
Astragalus sect. Cystium
Astragalus sect. Cystodes
Astragalus sect. Dasyphyllium
Astragalus sect. Eremophysa
Astragalus sect. Erioceras
Astragalus sect. Erionotus
Astragalus sect. Euodmus
Astragalus sect. Galegiformes
Astragalus sect. Glycyphyllos
Astragalus sect. Glycyphyllus
Astragalus sect. Grammocalyx
Astragalus sect. Halicacabus
Astragalus sect. Harpilobus
Astragalus sect. Helmia
Astragalus sect. Hemiphaca
Astragalus sect. Hemiphragmium
Astragalus sect. Heterodontus
Astragalus sect. Hololeuce
Astragalus sect. Holophyllum
Astragalus sect. Hymenostegis
Astragalus sect. Hypoglottidei
Astragalus sect. Hypoglottoidei
Astragalus sect. Komaroviella
Astragalus sect. Laguropsis
Astragalus sect. Laxiflori
Astragalus sect. Macrosemium
Astragalus sect. Malacothrix
Astragalus sect. Megalocystis
Astragalus sect. Myobroma
Astragalus sect. Onobrychium
Astragalus sect. Ornithopodium
Astragalus sect. Orobella
Astragalus sect. Oxyglottis
Astragalus sect. Paracystium
Astragalus sect. Pedina
Astragalus sect. Picrophace
Astragalus sect. Platyglottis
Astragalus sect. Poterion
Astragalus sect. Proselius
Astragalus sect. Rhabdotus
Astragalus sect. Sesamei
Astragalus sect. Stereothrix
Astragalus sect. Theiochrus
Astragalus sect. Trachycercis
Astragalus sect. Tricholobus
Astragalus sect. Uliginosi
Astragalus sect. Xiphidium


nomenclatural reference

L., Sp. Pl. 1753.




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