Higher Classification: > Kingdom Plantae > Division Tracheophyta > Subdivision Spermatophytina > Class Magnoliopsida > Superorder Asteranae > Order Lamiales > Family Scrophulariaceae

Pedicularis L.

Rank: Genus
Taxon Status: accepted


Pedicularis acaulis Scop.
Pedicularis acmodonta Boiss.
Pedicularis amoena Steven
Pedicularis anthemifolia Colla
Pedicularis arguteserrata Vved.
Pedicularis armena Boiss. & A. Huet
Pedicularis ascendens Gaudin
Pedicularis asparagoides Lapeyr.
Pedicularis asplenifolia Willd.
Pedicularis atropurpurea Nordm.
Pedicularis baumgartenii Simonk.
Pedicularis brachyodonta Schloss. & Vuk.
Pedicularis cadmea Boiss.
Pedicularis caucasica M. Bieb.
Pedicularis cenisia Gaudin
Pedicularis comosa L.
Pedicularis compacta Willd.
Pedicularis condensata M. Bieb.
Pedicularis crassirostris Bunge
Pedicularis dasyantha Hadač
Pedicularis dasystachys Schrenk
Pedicularis elegans Ten.
Pedicularis elisabethae T. N. Popova
Pedicularis elongata A. Kern.
Pedicularis eriantha (Boiss. & Buhse) T. N. Popova
Pedicularis exaltata Besser
Pedicularis ferdinandi Bornm.
Pedicularis flammea L.
Pedicularis foliosa L.
Pedicularis friderici-augusti Tomm.
Pedicularis graeca Bunge
Pedicularis gyroflexa Vill.
Pedicularis hacquetii Graf
Pedicularis heterodonta Pančić
Pedicularis hirsuta L.
Pedicularis hoermanniana K. Malý
Pedicularis kaufmannii Pinzger
Pedicularis kerneri Dalla Torre
Pedicularis labradorica Wirsing
Pedicularis lapponica L.
Pedicularis leucodon Griseb.
Pedicularis limnogena A. Kern.
Pedicularis mixta Gren.
Pedicularis nordmanniana Bunge
Pedicularis numidica Pomel
Pedicularis oederi Vahl
Pedicularis olympica Boiss.
Pedicularis orthantha Griseb.
Pedicularis palustris L.
Pedicularis panjutinii E. A. Busch
Pedicularis petiolaris Ten.
Pedicularis physocalyx Bunge
Pedicularis pontica Boiss.
Pedicularis portenschlagii Rchb.
Pedicularis pyrenaica J. Gay
Pedicularis recutita L.
Pedicularis resupinata L.
Pedicularis rosea Wulfen
Pedicularis rostratocapitata Crantz
Pedicularis rostratospicata Crantz
Pedicularis sceptrum-carolinum L.
Pedicularis schizocalyx (Lange) Steininger
Pedicularis sibirica Vved.
Pedicularis sibthorpii Boiss.
Pedicularis sudetica Willd.
Pedicularis sylvatica L.
Pedicularis tuberosa L.
Pedicularis verticillata L.
Pedicularis wilhelmsiana M. Bieb.


nomenclatural reference

L., Sp. Pl. 1753.




Marhold, K. (2011): Scrophulariaceae. – In: Euro+Med Plantbase - the information resource for Euro-Mediterranean plant diversity. Pedicularis L.. Accessed through: Euro+Med PlantBase at http://ww2.bgbm.org/euroPlusMed/PTaxonDetail.asp?UUID=C44D3DCE-B239-4B05-B227-C86B91405CC8




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2004-01-11 by Marhold, K. (2011): Scrophulariaceae. – In: Euro+Med Plantbase - the information resource for Euro-Mediterranean plant diversity.

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