Higher Classification: > Kingdom Plantae > Division Tracheophyta > Subdivision Spermatophytina > Class Magnoliopsida > Superorder Asteranae > Order Lamiales > Family Plantaginaceae

Plantago L.

Rank: Genus
Taxon Status: accepted

Relationships towards this taxon

Genus group names

Littorella P. J. Bergius synonym
Psyllium Mill. synonym


Plantago afra L.
Plantago akkensis Murb.
Plantago albicans L.
Plantago algarbiensis Samp.
Plantago almogravensis Franco
Plantago alpina L.
Plantago altissima L.
Plantago amplexicaulis Cav.
Plantago anatolica Tutel & R. R. Mill
Plantago arborescens Poir.
Plantago arenaria Waldst. & Kit.
Plantago argentea Chaix
Plantago aristata Michx.
Plantago asperrima Hervier
Plantago asphodeloides Svent.
Plantago atlantica Batt.
Plantago atrata Hoppe
Plantago bellardii All.
Plantago chamaepsyllium Zohary
Plantago ciliata Desf.
Plantago cornutii Gouan
Plantago coronopus L.
Plantago crassifolia Forssk.
Plantago cretica L.
Plantago crypsoides Boiss.
Plantago cupanii Guss.
Plantago cylindrica Forssk.
Plantago cynops L. (1753)
Plantago cyrenaica E. A. Durand & Barratte
Plantago euphratica Barnéoud
Plantago exigua Murray
Plantago famarae Svent.
Plantago gentianoides Sibth. & Sm.
Plantago holosteum Scop.
Plantago lacustris (Maire) Pilg.
Plantago lagopus L.
Plantago lanceolata L.
Plantago leiopetala Lowe
Plantago libyca Bég. & A. Vacc.
Plantago loeflingii L.
Plantago macrorhiza Poir.
Plantago major L.
Plantago malato-belizii Lawalrée
Plantago maris-mortui Eig
Plantago maritima L.
Plantago mauritanica Boiss. & Reut.
Plantago maxima Jacq.
Plantago media L.
Plantago minuta Pall.
Plantago monosperma Pourr.
Plantago montana Huds.
Plantago myosuros Lam.
Plantago nivalis Boiss.
Plantago notata Lag.
Plantago ovata Forssk.
Plantago patagonica Jacq.
Plantago pauciflora Lam.
Plantago peloritana (Lojac.) Gillett
Plantago phaeostoma Boiss. & Heldr.
Plantago polysperma Kar. & Kir.
Plantago reniformis Beck
Plantago rhizoxylon Emb.
Plantago sarcophylla Zohary
Plantago schwarzenbergiana Schur
Plantago sempervirens Crantz
Plantago serraria L.
Plantago sinaica (Barnéoud) Decne.
Plantago squalida Salisb.
Plantago squarrosa Murray
Plantago subspathulata Pilg.
Plantago subulata L.
Plantago tenuiflora Waldst. & Kit.
Plantago tunetana Murb.
Plantago uniflora L.
Plantago webbii Barnéoud
Plantago weldenii Rchb.
Plantago subg. Plantago
Plantago subg. Psyllium (Mill.) Harms


nomenclatural reference

L., Sp. Pl. 1753.




Marhold, K. (2011): Plantaginaceae. – In: Euro+Med Plantbase - the information resource for Euro-Mediterranean plant diversity. Plantago L.. Accessed through: Euro+Med PlantBase at http://ww2.bgbm.org/euroPlusMed/PTaxonDetail.asp?UUID=B509283D-8F61-42B7-B430-E2F479156616




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