Higher Classification: > Kingdom Fungi > Division Ascomycota > Subdivision Pezizomycotina > Class Eurotiomycetes > Subclass Chaetothyriomycetidae > Order Verrucariales > Family Verrucariaceae

Polyblastia A. Massal.

Rank: Genus
Taxon Status: accepted


Polyblastia abscondita (Nyl.) Arnold
Polyblastia abstrahenda Arnold
Polyblastia agraria Th. Fr.
Polyblastia albida Arnold
Polyblastia amota Arnold
Polyblastia bavarica (Dalla Torre & Sarnth.) Zschacke
Polyblastia bombospora Th. Fr. & Almq.
Polyblastia bryophila Lönnr.
Polyblastia calcivora (Nyl.) Croz.
Polyblastia cinerea (A. Massal.) Jatta
Polyblastia circularis Th. Fr. & Blomb.
Polyblastia clandestina (Arnold) Jatta
Polyblastia cruenta (Körb.) P. James & Swinscow
Polyblastia cupularis A. Massal.
Polyblastia deminuta Arnold
Polyblastia deplanata Arnold
Polyblastia dermatodes A. Massal.
Polyblastia dominans (Arnold) Zschacke
Polyblastia efflorescens Coppins
Polyblastia epigaea A. Massal.
Polyblastia epomphala (Nyl.) Zschacke
Polyblastia eumecospora Zschacke
Polyblastia evanescens Arnold
Polyblastia flavicans Müll. Arg.
Polyblastia forana (Anzi) Arnold
Polyblastia friesii Lynge
Polyblastia fuscoargillacea Anzi
Polyblastia gneissacea Müll. Arg.
Polyblastia gothica Th. Fr.
Polyblastia gotlandica (Servít) R. Sant.
Polyblastia hellbomiana (Servít) R. Sant.
Polyblastia helvetica Th. Fr.
Polyblastia hyperborea Th. Fr.
Polyblastia integrascens (Nyl.) Zschacke
Polyblastia intercedens (Nyl.) Lönnr.
Polyblastia intermedia Th. Fr.
Polyblastia inumbrata (Nyl.) Arnold
Polyblastia lavata Zschacke
Polyblastia lutosa Zschacke
Polyblastia maculata Zschacke
Polyblastia magnussoniana Servít
Polyblastia melaspora (Taylor) Zahlbr.
Polyblastia moravica Zschacke
Polyblastia nidulans (Stenh.) Arnold
Polyblastia pallescens Anzi
Polyblastia peminosa (Nyl.) Zahlbr.
Polyblastia pertusula (Nyl.) Zschacke
Polyblastia philaea Zschacke
Polyblastia quartzina Lynge
Polyblastia quinqueseptata (Nyl.) Zschacke
Polyblastia rivalis (Arnold) Zschacke
Polyblastia sakkobanensis Zschacke
Polyblastia schaereriana (A. Massal.) Müll. Arg.
Polyblastia schisticola Servít
Polyblastia sendtneri Kremp.
Polyblastia septentrionalis Lynge
Polyblastia sepulta A. Massal.
Polyblastia sprucei (Anzi) Arnold
Polyblastia subocellata Th. Fr.
Polyblastia tarvesedis (Anzi) Bagl. & Carestia
Polyblastia terrestris Th. Fr.
Polyblastia terrigena Zschacke
Polyblastia theleodes (Sommerf.) Th. Fr.
Polyblastia torrentis Servít
Polyblastia vallorcinensis (Croz.) Zschacke
Polyblastia velata Müll. Arg.
Polyblastia ventosa A. Massal.
Polyblastia verrucosa (Ach.) Lönnr.
Polyblastia viridescens Zschacke
Polyblastia vouauxii B. de Lesd.


nomenclatural reference

Ric. auton. lich. crost. (Verona). 1852



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EU Habitat Directive:
annex II EU Habitat Directive Annex II: Species of community interest whose conservation requires the designation of special areas of conservation.
annex IV EU Habitat Directive Annex IV: Species of community interest in need of strict protection.

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