Higher Classification: > Kingdom Plantae > Division Tracheophyta > Subdivision Spermatophytina > Class Magnoliopsida > Superorder Lilianae > Order Asparagales > Family Iridaceae > Genus Gladiolus

Gladiolus palustris Gaudin

Rank: Species
Taxon Status: accepted

Relationships towards this taxon

Genus group names

GladiolusTourn. ex L.accepted genus name
×Gladanthera J. M. Wright heterotypic synonym
×Homoglad Ingram heterotypic synonym
Acidanthera Hochst. heterotypic synonym
Anisanthus Sweet heterotypic synonym
Anomalesia N. E. Br. heterotypic synonym
Antholyza L. heterotypic synonym
Ballosporum Salisb. heterotypic synonym
Bertera Steud. heterotypic synonym
Cunonia Mill. heterotypic synonym
Dortania A. Chev. heterotypic synonym
Hebea R. Hedw. heterotypic synonym
Homoglossum Salisb. heterotypic synonym
Hyptissa Salisb. heterotypic synonym
Keitia Regel heterotypic synonym
Kentrosiphon N. E. Br. heterotypic synonym
Liliogladiolus Trew heterotypic synonym
Oenostachys Bullock heterotypic synonym
Ophiolyza Salisb. heterotypic synonym
Petamenes Salisb. ex N. E. Br. heterotypic synonym
Petamenes Salisb. ex J. W. Loudon heterotypic synonym
Ranisia Salisb. heterotypic synonym
Solenanthus Steud. ex Klatt heterotypic synonym
Sphaerospora Sweet heterotypic synonym
Symphydolon Salisb. heterotypic synonym

Species group names

Gladiolus boucheanus Schltdl. heterotypic synonym
Gladiolus felicis Z. Mirek heterotypic synonym
Gladiolus imbricatus subsp. parviflorus K. Richt. heterotypic synonym
Gladiolus parviflorus Berdau heterotypic synonym; nom. illeg.
Gladiolus pratensis A. Dietr. heterotypic synonym
Gladiolus triphyllus Bertol. heterotypic synonym; nom. illeg.

Vernaculars (+) (-)

 Bulgarian: Blаtno petlyovo pero; Блатно петльово перо sources: Bulgarian PESI focal point
 Czech: mečík bahenní
 English-United States: Marsh Gladiolus sources: english PESI focal point
 German: Sumpf-Siegwurz sources: Jäger, E. J. & Werner, K.: Rothmaler, Exkursionsflora von Deutschland, Bd. 4, 10. Aufl. - Elsevier. 2005.
 Lithuanian: pelkinis kardelis sources: Lithuanian PESI focal point
 Norwegian Bokmål: sumpgladiolus
 Norwegian Nynorsk: sumpgladiolus
 Romanian: Săbiuţă sources: Romania PESI focal point
 Slovak:  mečík močiarny
 Slovenian: močvirski meček sources: Slovenian PESI focal point
 Ukrainian: Косарики болотні ; Косарики болотяні


nomenclatural reference

Fl. Helv. 1. 1828.




World Checklist of Selected Plant Families (2010), copyright © The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Gladiolus palustris Gaudin. Accessed through: Euro+Med PlantBase at http://ww2.bgbm.org/euroPlusMed/PTaxonDetail.asp?UUID=F6B94A56-B23F-4E20-9AD5-6AE762AE6473




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