Higher Classification: > Kingdom Plantae > Division Tracheophyta > Subdivision Spermatophytina > Class Magnoliopsida > Superorder Asteranae > Order Lamiales > Family Lamiaceae

Micromeria Benth.

Rank: Genus
Taxon Status: accepted
Name Status: nom. cons.

Relationships towards this taxon

Genus group names

Apozia Willd. ex Steud. heterotypic synonym
Cuspidocarpus Spenn. heterotypic synonym
Micronema Schott heterotypic synonym
Piperella C. Presl heterotypic synonym
Sabbatia Moench heterotypic synonym
Tendana Rchb. f. heterotypic synonym
Xenopoma Willd. heterotypic synonym
Zygis Desv. heterotypic synonym


Micromeria acropolitana Halácsy
Micromeria albanica (K. Malý) Šilic
Micromeria arganietorum (Emb.) R. Morales
Micromeria benthamii Webb & Berthel.
Micromeria brivesii Batt.
Micromeria browiczii Ziel. & Kit Tan
Micromeria chionistrae Meikle
Micromeria conferta (Coss. & Daveau) Stefani
Micromeria cremnophila Boiss. & Heldr.
Micromeria cristata (Hampe) Griseb.
Micromeria croatica (Pers.) Schott
Micromeria cymuligera Boiss. & Hausskn.
Micromeria debilis Pomel
Micromeria elliptica K. Koch
Micromeria filiformis (Aiton) Benth.
Micromeria flacca (Nábelek) Hedge
Micromeria fontanesii Pomel
Micromeria glomerata P. Pérez
Micromeria graeca (L.) Benth.
Micromeria guichardii (Quézel & Zaffran) Brullo & Furnari
Micromeria helianthemifolia Webb & Berthel.
Micromeria herpyllomorpha Webb & Berthel.
Micromeria hispida Boiss. & Heldr. ex Benth.
Micromeria hochreutineri (Briq.) Maire
Micromeria hyssopifolia Webb & Berthel.
Micromeria imbricata (Forssk.) C. Chr.
Micromeria inodora (Desf.) Benth.
Micromeria juliana (L.) Benth. ex Rchb.
Micromeria kerneri Murb.
Micromeria lachnophylla Webb & Berthel.
Micromeria lanata (C. Sm. ex Link) Benth.
Micromeria lasiophylla Webb & Berthel.
Micromeria lepida Webb & Berthel.
Micromeria leucantha Svent. ex P. Pérez
Micromeria macrosiphon Coss.
Micromeria marginata (Sm.) Chater
Micromeria microphylla (d'Urv.) Benth.
Micromeria monantha (Font Quer) R. Morales
Micromeria myrtifolia Boiss. & Hohen.
Micromeria nervosa (Desf.) Benth.
Micromeria parviflora Rchb.
Micromeria peltieri (Maire) R. Morales
Micromeria persica Boiss.
Micromeria pineolens Svent.
Micromeria pseudocroatica Šilic
Micromeria rivas-martinezii Wildpret
Micromeria serbaliana Danin & Hedge
Micromeria sinaica Benth.
Micromeria sphaciotica Boiss. & Heldr. ex Benth.
Micromeria teneriffae (Poir.) Benth. ex G. Don
Micromeria tenuis (Link) Webb & Berthel.
Micromeria tragothymus Webb & Berthel.
Micromeria varia Benth.
Micromeria weilleri (Maire) R. Morales


nomenclatural reference

Edwards's Bot. Reg. 15. 1829.




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