Higher Classification: > Kingdom Plantae > Division Tracheophyta > Subdivision Spermatophytina > Class Magnoliopsida > Superorder Caryophyllanae > Order Caryophyllales > Family Caryophyllaceae

Arenaria L.

Rank: Genus
Taxon Status: accepted


Arenaria acerosa Boiss.
Arenaria acutisepala F. N. Williams
Arenaria aegaea Rech. f.
Arenaria aggregata (L.) Loisel.
Arenaria alfacarensis Pamp.
Arenaria algarbiensis Willk.
Arenaria alpina Porter & J. M. Coult.
Arenaria angustifolia McNeill
Arenaria angustifolioides Kit Tan & Sorger
Arenaria angustisepala McNeill
Arenaria antitaurica McNeill
Arenaria arcuatociliata G. López & Nieto Fel.
Arenaria armeniaca Boiss.
Arenaria armerina Bory
Arenaria arundana Gallego
Arenaria balansae Boiss.
Arenaria balearica L.
Arenaria bertolonii Fiori
Arenaria biflora L.
Arenaria blepharophylla Boiss.
Arenaria capillipes (Boiss.) Boiss.
Arenaria cariensis Carlström
Arenaria cassia Boiss.
Arenaria cavanillesiana (Font Quer & Rivas Goday) Nieto Fel.
Arenaria cephalotes M. Bieb.
Arenaria cerastioides Poir.
Arenaria ciliata L.
Arenaria cinerea DC.
Arenaria conferta Boiss.
Arenaria conimbricensis Brot.
Arenaria controversa Boiss.
Arenaria cretica Spreng.
Arenaria cucubaloides Sm.
Arenaria davisii McNeill
Arenaria deflexa Decne.
Arenaria delaguardiae G. López & Nieto Fel.
Arenaria dianthoides Sm.
Arenaria drypidea Boiss.
Arenaria dyris Humbert
Arenaria eliasiana Kit Tan & Sorger
Arenaria emarginata Brot.
Arenaria erinacea Boiss.
Arenaria favargeri (Nieto Fel.) G. López & Nieto Fel.
Arenaria filicaulis Fenzl
Arenaria fontqueri Cardona & J. M. Monts.-Marti
Arenaria fragillima Rech. f.
Arenaria gionae Gustavsson
Arenaria gothica Fr.
Arenaria gracilis Waldst. & Kit.
Arenaria graminea C. A. Mey.
Arenaria grandiflora L.
Arenaria graveolens Schreb.
Arenaria guicciardii Boiss.
Arenaria gypsophiloides L.
Arenaria halacsyi Bald.
Arenaria hispanica Spreng.
Arenaria hispida L.
Arenaria holostea M. Bieb.
Arenaria humifusa Wahlenb.
Arenaria huteri A. Kern.
Arenaria imbricata Lag.
Arenaria isaurica Boiss.
Arenaria kotschyana Fenzl
Arenaria ledebouriana Fenzl
Arenaria leptoclados (Rchb.) Guss.
Arenaria leucadia Phitos & Strid
Arenaria libanotica Boiss.
Arenaria ligericina Lecoq & Lamotte
Arenaria longifolia M. Bieb.
Arenaria luschanii McNeill
Arenaria lychnidea M. Bieb.
Arenaria macrosepala Boiss.
Arenaria mairei Emb.
Arenaria marschlinsii (A. Kern.) W. D. J. Koch
Arenaria modesta Dufour
Arenaria moehringioides Murr
Arenaria mons-cragus Kit Tan & Sorger
Arenaria montana L.
Arenaria multicaulis L.
Arenaria muralis (Link) Spreng.
Arenaria nevadensis Boiss. & Reut.
Arenaria norvegica Gunnerus
Arenaria obtusiflora Kunze
Arenaria olloixii Jahand. & al.
Arenaria orbicularis Vis.
Arenaria oscensis (Pau) P. Monts.
Arenaria pamphylica Boiss. & Heldr.
Arenaria patula Martrin-Donos
Arenaria peloponnesiaca Rech. f.
Arenaria phitosiana Greuter & Burdet
Arenaria pocutica Pawlł.
Arenaria pomelii Munby
Arenaria procera Spreng.
Arenaria pseudacantholimon Bornm.
Arenaria pseudofrigida (Ostenf. & O. C. Dahl) Schischk. & Knorring
Arenaria pungens Lag.
Arenaria purpurascens DC.
Arenaria querioides Willk.
Arenaria racemosa Willk.
Arenaria retusa Boiss.
Arenaria rhodia Boiss.
Arenaria rhodopaea Delip.
Arenaria rigida M. Bieb.
Arenaria rotundifolia M. Bieb.
Arenaria runemarkii Phitos
Arenaria sabulinea Fenzl
Arenaria saponarioides Boiss. & Balansa
Arenaria scariosa Boiss.
Arenaria serpyllifolia L.
Arenaria sipylea Boiss.
Arenaria sivasica Kit Tan & Sorger
Arenaria speluncarum McNeill
Arenaria steveniana Boiss.
Arenaria szovitsii Boiss.
Arenaria tenella Kit.
Arenaria tetraquetra L.
Arenaria tmolea Boiss.
Arenaria tomentosa Willk.
Arenaria tremula Boiss.
Arenaria uninervia McNeill
Arenaria valentina Boiss.
Arenaria vitoriana Uribe-Ech. & Alejandre
Arenaria subg. Arenaria
Arenaria subg. Arenariastrum F. N. Williams
Arenaria subg. Eremogone (Fenzl) Fenzl
Arenaria subg. Porphyrantha (Fenzl) McNeill

Vernaculars (+) (-)

 English: Піщанка
 English-United States: sandworts sources: Charles Hussey
 Norwegian Bokmål: sandarveslekta
 Norwegian Nynorsk: sandarveslekta
 Swedish: narvar
 Ukrainian: Піщанка


nomenclatural reference

L., Sp. Pl. 1753.




Marhold, K. (2011): Caryophyllaceae. – In: Euro+Med Plantbase - the information resource for Euro-Mediterranean plant diversity. Arenaria L.. Accessed through: Euro+Med PlantBase at http://ww2.bgbm.org/euroPlusMed/PTaxonDetail.asp?UUID=1520CAC5-8701-4088-AD47-7634B11D820F




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