Higher Classification: > Kingdom Fungi > Division Ascomycota > Subdivision Pezizomycotina > Class Eurotiomycetes > Subclass Chaetothyriomycetidae > Order Verrucariales > Family Verrucariaceae

Verrucaria H.A.Schrader, 1794

Rank: Genus
Taxon Status: accepted


Verrucaria acrotella Ach.
Verrucaria acrotelloides A. Massal.
Verrucaria adelminienii Zschacke
Verrucaria aethiobola Wahlenb.
Verrucaria amphibia Clemente ex Ach.
Verrucaria amylacea Hepp
Verrucaria andesiatica Servít
Verrucaria annulifera Eitner
Verrucaria anziana Garov.
Verrucaria apomelaena Hepp
Verrucaria applanata Hepp
Verrucaria aquatilis Mudd
Verrucaria aranensis P.M. McCarthy
Verrucaria arctica Lynge
Verrucaria arnoldii J. Steiner
Verrucaria aspiciliicola R. Sant.
Verrucaria aspicilioides Vain.
Verrucaria baldensis A. Massal.
Verrucaria bernaicensis Malbr.
Verrucaria bryoctona (Th. Fr.) Orange
Verrucaria bulgarica Szatala
Verrucaria caerulea DC.
Verrucaria caesiopsila Anzi
Verrucaria calcaria Zschacke
Verrucaria calciseda DC.
Verrucaria carbonella Nyl.
Verrucaria cataleptoides (Nyl.) Nyl.
Verrucaria cazzae Zahlbr.
Verrucaria ceuthocarpa Wahlenb.
Verrucaria cinereoatra Zschacke
Verrucaria cinereoatrata Degel.
Verrucaria cinereorufa Schaer.
Verrucaria collematodes Garov.
Verrucaria commutata Zschacke
Verrucaria concinna Borrer
Verrucaria controversa A. Massal.
Verrucaria conturmatula Nyl.
Verrucaria cryptica (Arnold) J. Steiner
Verrucaria cyanea A. Massal.
Verrucaria deformis Zschacke
Verrucaria degelii R. Sant.
Verrucaria denudata Zschacke
Verrucaria deversa Vain.
Verrucaria ditmarsica Erichsen
Verrucaria dolosa Hepp
Verrucaria dufourii DC.
Verrucaria elaeina Borrer
Verrucaria elaeomelaena (A. Massal.) Arnold
Verrucaria epilithea Vain.
Verrucaria erubescens Zschacke
Verrucaria floerkeana Dalla Torre & Sarnth.
Verrucaria foveolata (Flörke) A. Massal.
Verrucaria funckii (Spreng.) Zahlbr.
Verrucaria fusca Pers.
Verrucaria fuscella (Turner) Winch
Verrucaria fuscolurida Vain.
Verrucaria fusconigrescens Nyl.
Verrucaria fuscorubens (B. de Lesd.) Zschacke
Verrucaria fusiformis Leight.
Verrucaria geophila Zahlbr.
Verrucaria glaucina Ach.
Verrucaria glaucodes Nyl.
Verrucaria glauconephela Nyl.
Verrucaria glaucovirens Grummann
Verrucaria griseoatra (Kremp.) Servít
Verrucaria griseocinerascens (Vain.) Zschacke
Verrucaria griseorubens Mig.
Verrucaria gudbrandsdalensis Zschacke ex H. Magn.
Verrucaria halizoa Leight.
Verrucaria halophiloides Vain.
Verrucaria helsingiensis Vain.
Verrucaria hochstetteri Fr.
Verrucaria hydrela Ach.
Verrucaria inaspecta Servít
Verrucaria infumata Nyl.
Verrucaria integra (Nyl.) Nyl.
Verrucaria internigrescens (Nyl.) Erichsen
Verrucaria invenusta H. Magn.
Verrucaria irmscheriana Erichsen
Verrucaria knowlesiae P.M. McCarthy
Verrucaria latebrosa Körb.
Verrucaria latericola Erichsen
Verrucaria lecideoides (A. Massal.) Trevis.
Verrucaria leightonii Hepp
Verrucaria lignicola Zschacke
Verrucaria limborioides (A. Massal.) Clauzade & Cl. Roux
Verrucaria litorea (Hepp) Zschacke
Verrucaria lyngei Servít
Verrucaria macrostoma Dufour ex DC.
Verrucaria maculiformis Kremp.
Verrucaria madida Orange
Verrucaria magnussoniana Servít
Verrucaria margacea (Wahlenb.) Wahlenb.
Verrucaria maura Wahlenb.
Verrucaria maura Wahlenberg, 1803
Verrucaria mauroides Schaer.
Verrucaria memnonia (Flot.) Arnold
Verrucaria mollis Taylor
Verrucaria mortarii Lamy
Verrucaria mucosa Wahlenb.
Verrucaria mucosa Wahlenberg, 1803
Verrucaria muralis Ach.
Verrucaria murina Leight.
Verrucaria murorum (Arnold) Lindau
Verrucaria nigrescens Pers.
Verrucaria norrlandica (H. Magn.) R. Sant.
Verrucaria nuoljae (H. Magn.) R. Sant.
Verrucaria obductilis (Nyl.) Zschacke
Verrucaria obfuscans Nyl.
Verrucaria obnigrescens Nyl.
Verrucaria obscura Th. Fr.
Verrucaria ochrostoma Borrer
Verrucaria osloensis H. Magn.
Verrucaria pachyderma Arnold
Verrucaria papillosa Ach.
Verrucaria pararupestris Servít
Verrucaria parmigerella Zahlbr.
Verrucaria peloclita Nyl.
Verrucaria phaeosperma Arnold
Verrucaria pinguicula A. Massal.
Verrucaria polysticta Borrer
Verrucaria praetermissa (Trevis.) Anzi
Verrucaria prominula Nyl. ex Mudd
Verrucaria pycnosticta Vain.
Verrucaria rejecta Th. Fr.
Verrucaria rheitrophila Zschacke
Verrucaria ruderum DC.
Verrucaria sandstedei B. de Lesd.
Verrucaria scabra Vězda
Verrucaria scabridula H. Magn.
Verrucaria schindleri Servít
Verrucaria serpentinicola (Servít) Servít
Verrucaria simplex P.M. McCarthy
Verrucaria sphaerospora Anzi
Verrucaria stenhammarii (Servít) Servít
Verrucaria striatula Wahlenb.
Verrucaria striatula Wahlenberg, 1803
Verrucaria subfossans Vain.
Verrucaria subfuliginea Vain.
Verrucaria subfuscata H. Magn.
Verrucaria subglobulificans H. Magn.
Verrucaria sublobulata Eitner ex Servít
Verrucaria submersella Servít
Verrucaria tabacina Trevis.
Verrucaria tectorum (A. Massal.) Körb.
Verrucaria tenebrica H. Magn.
Verrucaria thalassina (Zahlbr.) Zschacke
Verrucaria transiliens Arnold
Verrucaria tristis (A. Massal.) Kremp.
Verrucaria tunicata Müll. Arg.
Verrucaria umbrinula Nyl.
Verrucaria vaenerensis Servít
Verrucaria velana (A. Massal.) Zahlbr.
Verrucaria veronensis A. Massal.
Verrucaria viridula (Schrad.) Ach.
Verrucaria xyloxena Norman


basis of record

Parker, S.P. (Ed.) (1982). Synopsis and classification of living organisms. McGraw Hill Book Company: New York, NY (USA). ISBN 0-07-079031-0. 1166, 1232 pp.

nomenclatural reference

Spicil. fl. germ. 1. 1794




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Kirk, P. (2014). Verrucaria H.A.Schrader, 1794. In: Costello, M.J.; Bouchet, P.; Boxshall, G.; Arvantidis, C.; Appeltans, W. (2014) European Register of Marine Species, accessed through PESI at http://www.eu-nomen.eu/portal/taxon.php?GUID=urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:147701

Verrucaria Schrad.. Accessed through: Index Fungorum at http://www.indexfungorum.org/names/NamesRecord.asp?RecordID=5725




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