Higher Classification: > Kingdom Chromista > Subkingdom Harosa > Infrakingdom Alveolata > Phylum Ciliophora > Subphylum Intramacronucleata > Class Oligotrichea > Subclass Oligotrichia > Order Oligotrichida > Family Strombidiidae

Strombidium Claparède & Lachmann, 1859

Rank: Genus
Taxon Status: accepted

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Genus group names

Clypeolum Gourret & Roeser, 1888 synonym
Torquatella Lankester, 1874 synonym
Woodania Leegaard, 1915 synonym


Strombidium acutum Leegaard, 1915
Strombidium arenicola Dragesco, 1960
Strombidium bilobum Lynn & Gilron, 1993
Strombidium capitatum (Leegaard, 1915) Kahl, 1932
Strombidium chlorophilum Montagnes, Lynn, Stoecker & Small, 1988
Strombidium clavellinae Buddenbrock, 1922
Strombidium compressum (Leegaard, 1915) Kahl, 1932
Strombidium conicum (Lohmann, 1908) Wulff, 1919
Strombidium corsicum (Gourret & Roeser, 1888) Kahl, 1932
Strombidium costatum Tucolesco, 1962
Strombidium crassulum (Leegaard, 1915) Kahl, 1932
Strombidium dalum Lynn, Montagnes & Small, 1988
Strombidium emergens (Leegaard, 1915) Busch, 1921
Strombidium faurei Dragesco, 1960
Strombidium filificum Kahl, 1932
Strombidium fourneleti Dragesco, 1960
Strombidium grande Levander, 1894
Strombidium kahli Bock, 1952
Strombidium lagenula Fauré-Fremiet, 1924
Strombidium latum Kahl, 1932
Strombidium macronucleatum Dragesco, 1960
Strombidium minor Kahl, 1935
Strombidium oblongum Leegaard, 1915
Strombidium opisthostomum Tucolesco, 1962
Strombidium purpureum Kahl, 1932
Strombidium stylifer Levander, 1894
Strombidium sulcatum Claparède & Lachmann, 1859
Strombidium tintinnodes Entz, 1884
Strombidium triquetrum Agatha & Riedel-Lorjé, 1997
Strombidium turcicum Hovasse, 1932
Strombidium vestitum (Leegaard, 1915) Kahl, 1932
Strombidium wulffi Kahl, 1932


basis of record

Agatha, S. (2001). Ciliates - aloricate oligotrichs, in: Costello, M.J. et al. (Ed.) (2001). European register of marine species: a check-list of the marine species in Europe and a bibliography of guides to their identification. Collection Patrimoines Naturels, 50: pp. 42-44




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Agatha, S.; Warren, A. (2014). Strombidium Claparède & Lachmann, 1859. In: Warren, A. (2014) World Ciliophora Database. In: Costello, M.J.; Bouchet, P.; Boxshall, G.; Arvantidis, C.; Appeltans, W. (2014) European Register of Marine Species, accessed through PESI at http://www.eu-nomen.eu/portal/taxon.php?GUID=urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:101195




 Present  Absent  Doubtful  Native  Introduced  Naturalised  Invasive  Managed  No data


marine, brackish, fresh, not terrestrial


no data

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