Higher Classification: > Kingdom Animalia > Phylum Cnidaria > Class Anthozoa > Subclass Hexacorallia > Order Zoantharia > Suborder Macrocnemina > Family Epizoanthidae

Epizoanthus Gray, 1867

Rank: Genus
Taxon Status: accepted


Epizoanthus abyssorum Verrill, 1885
Epizoanthus arenaceus Delle Chiaje, 1823
Epizoanthus beerenislandicus Carlgren, 1913
Epizoanthus cancrisocius Martens, 1876
Epizoanthus couchii Johnston in Couch, 1844
Epizoanthus danielsseni Carlgren, 1913
Epizoanthus erdmanni Danielssen, 1890
Epizoanthus frenzeli Pax, 1937
Epizoanthus glacialis Danielssen, 1890
Epizoanthus incrustatus Düben & Koren, 1847
Epizoanthus koreni Carlgren, 1913
Epizoanthus lindahli Carlgren, 1913
Epizoanthus macintoshi Haddon & Shackleton, 1891
Epizoanthus mediterraneus Carlgren, 1935
Epizoanthus norvegicus Koren & Danielssen, 1877
Epizoanthus paguricola Roule, 1900
Epizoanthus paguriphilus Verrill, 1883
Epizoanthus papillosus Johnston, 1842
Epizoanthus paxii Abel, 1955
Epizoanthus roseus Danielssen, 1890
Epizoanthus steueri Pax, 1937
Epizoanthus tergestinus Pax, 1937
Epizoanthus univittatus Lorenz, 1860
Epizoanthus vagus Herberts, 1972
Epizoanthus vatovai Pax & Lochter, 1935


basis of record

van der Land, J.; den Hartog, J.H. (2001). Actiniaria, in: Costello, M.J. et al. (Ed.) (2001). European register of marine species: a check-list of the marine species in Europe and a bibliography of guides to their identification. Collection Patrimoines Naturels, 50: pp. 106-109

additional source

Cairns, S.D.; Gershwin, L.; Brook, F.J.; Pugh, P.; Dawson, E.W.; Ocaña O.V.; Vervoort, W.; Williams, G.; Watson, J.E.; Opresko, D.M.; Schuchert, P.; Hine, P.M.; Gordon, D.P.; Campbell, H.J.; Wright, A.J.; Sánchez, J.A.; Fautin, D.G. (2009). Phylum Cnidaria: corals, medusae, hydroids, myxozoans, in: Gordon, D.P. (Ed.) (2009). New Zealand inventory of biodiversity: 1. Kingdom Animalia: Radiata, Lophotrochozoa, Deuterostomia. pp. 59-101.

additional source

Hayward, P.J.; Ryland, J.S. (Ed.) (1990). The marine fauna of the British Isles and North-West Europe: 1. Introduction and protozoans to arthropods. Clarendon Press: Oxford, UK. ISBN 0-19-857356-1. 627 pp.

additional source

Nomenclator Zoologicus



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Reimer, J. (2014). Epizoanthus. In: Costello, M.J.; Bouchet, P.; Boxshall, G.; Arvantidis, C.; Appeltans, W. (2014) European Register of Marine Species, accessed through PESI at http://www.eu-nomen.eu/portal/taxon.php?GUID=urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:100790




 Present  Absent  Doubtful  Native  Introduced  Naturalised  Invasive  Managed  No data


marine, not brackish, not fresh, not terrestrial


no data

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