WP5 Coordination and integration of information e-infrastructures


Based on the standardisation efforts of WP4 and the ongoing developments in the wider biodiversity informatics community, WP5 will inter-operate the data from the three contributing communities into a joint information system that will be freely disseminated online through the e-services of WP6.

Simplified PESI dataflow from checklist data providers through CDM store and PESI data warehouse to the PESI World Wide Web portal.


The joint system will be based on the Common Data Model, which is at the centre of the EDIT's efforts to create an 'Internet Platform for Cybertaxonomy'. Tools and procedures developed in this context will be brought to use for the taxonomists working on the European taxonomic backbone system, PESI. This will range from directly editing a CDM datastore using Platform-based taxonomic workbench tools as envisioned for Euro+Med Plantbase in the near future, to taking advantage of the data conversion features provided by the Platform while maintaining the proven tools as planned for the ERMS dataset during the PESI project period.


PESI will not only advance a closer integration of the pan-European checklists, but also brings the checklist digital infrastructure to the state-of-the-art level by implementing recent developments on biodiversity system integration, like the application of Life Science Identifiers (LSIDs), which supports the optimal dissemination of the results into the common globally developed e-gateways of GBIF, SpeciesBase, LifeWatch, EoL and the Catalogue of Life.


WP5 will also determine the financial and any other resources necessary to maintain the pan-European registers and GSD. This information will contribute to the sustainability strategy and business plan tasked in WP1.