North African taxonomists are strengthening their regional coordination and cooperation networks. PESI was invited to participate in the first conference of the Association Tunisienne de Taxonomie (ATUTAX), as well as the meeting of the North African taxonomic network BioNET-NAFRINET. Both meetings were held in Tunis on April 23 and April 24-25, 2010, respectively.




At the ATUTAX conference, Gianniantonio Domina and Eckhard Van Raab-Straube presented the work of Euro+Med PlantBase on the flora of North Africa and gave a short introduction to PESI.

Louis Boumans presented an overview of the PESI project at the NAFRINET. This meeting, with representatives from Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Lybia and Egypt as well as representatives of the global Bionet secretariat and the East African EAFRINET network, was aimed at developing an joint work programme for the taxonomic research community in North Africa. The goals of BioNET and NAFRINET have much in common with the EDIT programme and the programme of PESI WP3, respectively. In the short term, NAFRINET partners plan to create an overview of taxonomic expertise, collections and reseach and training facilities in the region. The active participation of PESI, represented by Gianniantonio and Louis, ensured a fruitful exchange of information and experiences. The development of well-organised national and regional networks in North Africa and Europe lays the foundation for future cooperation projects, such as the creation of a taxonomic checklist covering the western Palaearctic region.


Abstract and ppt of the PESI and PlantBase presentation at the ATUTAX conference

Abstract and ppt of the PESI presentation at the NAFRINET meeting

The report of the North African coordination meeting will be published on the NAFRINET website.